I am so grateful that Julie came into my life. She feels like one of the great teachers in my life. She has this ability to take complex and abstract concepts and present you with the essence of it. She is a powerful healer. She is so present and walks with great integrity and softness. She holds a container of deep wisdom that is saturated with storytelling, authenticity, humour, and safety to express questions that go against the grain. There’s no BS with Julie, just her own beautiful brand of magic. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher as I walk down this path of using my own magic.

Serena Gee

I’ve been a client of Julie’s for several years. When I first came to her, I had been dealing with weight gain, debilitating fatigue and brain fog that was interfering with my cognitive abilities. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started working with Julie and the fatigue and brain fog started to lift. For example, I had been having trouble reading and remembering what I read. That’s very scary in and of itself, but what’s worse is I didn’t realize it was happening until I started following Julie’s recommendations and I finished reading all the half started and forgotten novels I had. At first I would have an appointment every couple of weeks, now I see her when I feel any signs of fatigue or brain fog coming back or my day-to-day nutritional habits need adjustments. I never thought I would seek out a nutritionist, I only wish I’d done it sooner. In addition to being a compassionate and knowledgeable nutritionist Julie is also a powerful and experienced shaman and medicine woman. She has provided me with extraordinary insight and guidance for professional and personal issues. I feel very fortunate to work with her.


julie is a gifted healer. words cannot express the tremendous amount of healing she has brought into my life since i began working with her a year and a half ago. her sessions always bring me closer to my intuition, my highest self, my life purpose, my ancestors, spirit and the universe. her ability to journey and channel spiritual wisdom for me has supported me through the hardest times in my life. i have found julie to be humble, grounded, empathetic, and constantly expanding her skills, and these are just a few of the qualities that make her a powerful healer.


sessions booked: shamanic healing, reiki healing, nutrition, teaching & guidance sessions, saturn return coaching


Julie is a true gem in our community. I booked a 1:1 shamanic healing session with her and when I arrived it was clear she took time to establish a perfect sacred container for our time together. The session flowed smoothly, and Julie’s high skills as a shamanic healer shone bright. I felt so cared for, supported, seen and valued - that in itself felt healing for me. And without going into details, I emerged feeling whole, more in touch with myself and with a much greater sense of flow within my being. So I can wholeheartedly recommend Julie and look forward to sharing space with her in the future.

Teresa Klan, Victoria, BC

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